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Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is a National Park (IUCN category: II) and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 (criteria ix, x) and World Heritage in Danger in 1992 ( because of invasion by refugees and proposed iron mining. The Park located on the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire. Mount Nimba rises above the surrounding savannah (N7°36' 11.5, W8°23' 27.5) with a total area of 217.8km². It is managed by the Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves (OIPR).

Ape status

Marchesi et al. (1995) estimated the total number of chimpanzees in this reserve on the Côte d’Ivoire side to be 59 individuals. The Mount Nimba reserve straddles three countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea), and together with the connected classified forest of Tiapleu in Côte d’Ivoire, it is estimated to contain over 300 chimpanzees.

Nestcountings from a recent survey found 19 recent nests and 11 old nests at the Gouéla area and only one nest at Déré forest (Granier et a. 2008).

Year Estimated Number of Individuals Source Comments
2009 results expected Nicholas Granier upcoming survey
2008 .. .. ..
2007 .. Granier et al. (2008) ..
2006 .. Granier et al. (2008) ..

Table 1: Individuals of chimpanzees estimate in Nimba Srict NR

Threats to Apes

Major Threats Mount Nimba
Poaching yes
Disease no
uncontrolled Tourism no
Agriculture yes
Logging yes
Mining yes*

Table 2: Threats to chimpanzees in Nimba Strict NR

Conservation activities

Nimba Mountains is under threat from agricultural encroachment and mining. Protecting the area’s habitat will not only ensure the survival of an important population of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus), but will also contribute to the general protection of biodiversity in Africa. In 1995 the Guinean government Ministry for Energy and Environment established the Centre for Environmental Management of Mount Nimba (Centre de Gestion de l'Environnement des Monts Nimba, CEGEN) which is responsible for environmental and legal questions, monitoring the water quality of the region, for socio-economic studies and integrated rural development.

Conservation actions Mount Nimba
Law Enforcement yes
Long-term Research yes
Permanent Monitoring Program yes
Education ..
Public Awareness Campaign ..
Ecotourism ..

Table 3: Conservation activities in Nimba Strict NR


From March to April 2006 and December 2006 till May 2007, a chimpanzee survey (Pan troglodytes verus) about 68 days in two poorly explored parts of the Nimba Mountain was conducted: the Gouéla area and the Déré forest (Granier et al. 2008). The survey method combined 62 days of field reconnaissance carried out to assess the status of the chimpanzees and their habitat, and 6 days of interviews with villagers. Evidence of chimpanzees such as nests, faeces, footprints, vocalizations.. were recorded.

In March 2009 a new survey will start by Nicolas Granier (pers.comment).


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