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Korofin and Wongo National Park (both IUCN category: II) are components of the Bafing Biosphere Reserve in southern Mali, which is the only protected area for chimpanzees within the Manding Plateau area. Woodlands dominate most of the landscape.

Ape status

In Mali, chimpanzee density is very low (probably 0.08-0.27 per km2) (Duvall, C.S., 2008).

Year Estimated Number of Individuals Source Comments
2009 results expected .. ..
2008 .. .. ..
2007 .. .. ..
2006 .. .. ..

Table 1: Chimpanzee population estimate in Korofin NP

Threats to Apes

Major Threats Korofin NP
Poaching yes
Disease no
uncontrolled Tourism no
Habitat destruction yes
Logging no
Mining no

Table 2: Threats to chimpanzees in Korofin NP

Conservation activities

The management of national parks and faunal reserves is entrusted to the National Parks Department (Direction des parcs nationaux). http://www.cbd.int/countries/contacts.shtml?country=ml

Conservation actions Korofin NP
Law Enforcement ..
Long-term Research yes
Permanent Monitoring Program ?
Education yes
Public Awareness Campaign yes
Ecotourism ..

Table 3: Conservation activities in Korofin NP


From February to December 2004 Chris S. Duvall surveyed chimpanzee dirstribution comparing wildlife habitat use and availiability. Each survey loop was designed to pass through several areas where chimpanzee abundance appeared high, based on nest encounters during reconnaissance surveys, which were conducted during May and July 2003.


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