Bossématié Classified Forest

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Bossématié Classified Forest
Bossématié Classified Forest

Bossématié Classified Forest is located at eastern Côte d´Ivoire and covers a total area of 215 km². It is managed by the Sociéte de Developpement des Fôrets en Côte d´Ivoire (SODEFOR,

Ape status

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) in the Songan Complex have been estimated at approximately 500 individuals (Hoppe-Dominik 1991) and the isolated but nearby classified forest of Bossématié presumably still holds around 100 individuals (Marchesi et al. 1995) However, no no up-to-date population estimate is currently available for this area. The existence of this chimpanzee population is threatened by poaching.

Year Estimated Number of Individuals Source Comments
2009 results expected .. ..
2008 .. .. ..
2007 .. .. ..
2006 .. .. ..

Table 1: Chimpanzee population estimate in Bossématié CF


Major Threats Bossématié CF
Poaching yes
Disease no
uncontrolled Tourism no
Agriculture no
Logging no
Mining no

Table 2: Threats to chimpanzees in Bossématié CF

Conservation activities


Conservation actions Bossématié CF
Law Enforcement yes
Long-term Research ?
Permanent Monitoring Program ?
Education ?
Public Awareness Campaign yes
Ecotourism yes

Table 3: Conservation activities in Bossématié CF


A recent nest count survey reported signs of chimpanzee presence. However, due to low sample size, it was not possible to derive a population estimate (Campbell, G. et al. 2008).


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