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Banco National Park
Banco National Park

Banco National Park is located in Abidjan and covers an area of 35 km². It is managed by the Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves (OIPR).

Ape status

Marchesi et al. (1995) assumed that chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) had disappeared from Banco National Park, but recent observations by Joulian Fréderic and personal communications with park rangers confirmed their presence in the park.

Nest count surveys conducted in 2004 and 2005 by the WCF found signs of about a dozen chimpanzees.

Year Estimated Number of Individuals Source Comments
2009 results expected Biomonitoring Program (WCF) ..
2008 .. Biomonitoring Program (WCF) ..
2007 .. Biomonitoring Program (WCF) ..
2006 .. Biomonitoring Program (WCF) ..

Table 1: Chimpanzee population estimate in Banco NP


Major Threats Banco NP
Poaching no
Disease yes
uncontrolled Tourism no
Agriculture no
Logging no
Mining no

Table 2: Threats to chimpanzees in Banco NP

Conservation activities

An educational and interactive Nature Center ("Maison de la Nature") has been established by the WCF in partnership with the OIPR ( Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves, the Banco Sector) at Banco National Park. The WCF holds interactive workshops, where the WCF uses educational films, animal sounds and games to teach local people about chimpanzees (and co-occurring species) and their natural environment. Additionally, staff at Banco National Park have created an apprentice researcher trail in the "arboretum" to introduce children to research techniques used in the forest and to create awareness of the many factors that threaten the remaining wild chimpanzees populations to date.

Conservation actions Banco NP
Law Enforcement yes
Long-term Research yes
Permanent Monitoring Program yes
Education yes
Public Awareness Campaign yes
Ecotourism yes

Table 3: Conservation activities in Banco NP


Nest count surveys.


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